Guest on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show Janine Queller

Janine Queller started racing 1/4 mile when she was in high school at grudge nights at Fremont Raceway. Always had an interest in racing, although no one in her family had anything to do with cars. 

 Her love for everything fast started when Janine began to race offshore powerboats at 25, with a 38′ Cigarette and a 30′ cat, with POPBRA, Pacific Offshore Power Boat Racing Association, for 10 years. 

Janine was involved with offshore water ski racing (Long Beach to Catalina and Benicia to Alcatraz) for 10 years.

She started tracking her Audi in 2010, and became an instructor for Audi Club the following year. In 2014 started instructing for Audi Sport scar at Sonoma, and have also instructed for Hooked on Driving and Driving Dynamics all over the country. 

Although Janine still instructs at the race track on occasion, she is most interested in Highway Safety and Evasive Driving instruction, car control and vehicle dynamics, teaching people how to be a better and safer driver. Her other interests is devoted to hosting Teen Driving clinics and she thinks that every person who has a driver’s license should be required to take some form of advanced highway safety driving course.

Coming up in the near future, she will be racing my 2007 Mustang with SCCA next year and looking forward to getting back out on the track.

Listen to Janine Queller on Janine Queller on Teresa’s Garage Radio Show

Dream Big, Ride Hard, Love Strong, Fly High and Drive Fast!

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